If you love baking, whether you're clueless or whether you're Candice, the Home Baker is for you. This unique and patented counter-top oven is designed for you - the heat is even, consistent and totally controllable up to 220 degrees C.

Your regular oven's volume is huge in comparison to what you're cooking, the energy use from your Home Baker is a fraction of your regular oven whilst, of course, freeing up your oven for other cooking. If you bake just 4 times a week for an hour each time, you'll save over £70 per year.

The Home Baker sits neatly on your counter top and comes with 3 silicon moulds - cupcakes (x6), a 2lb sized bread loaf mould and a full body tray bake mould (inner dimensions are 255 x 170mm). Inner height is 6 cms however don't be put off by that - included is a dandy extender frame and a clever floating lid hinge so that the inner cooking height is doubled to a whopping 12cms/5-inches - sufficient for most home bakery delights.
We also include a full colour and ring bound lay flat cookbook packed with recipes and serving suggestions.

Everything in that cookbook has been tested here in the UK in the Home Baker. You can use the silicone bakeware that we supply or you can use your own bakeware - the Home Baker doesn't mind.

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Bread * Cake* Tarts * Quiches * Pies

Home Baker

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